Beating Blackjack with Proper Bet Size

Ever wonder how a casino can be so huge and profitable, even when they have low table game limits? Aside from the fact that slot machines account for more than 70-percent of the revenues at most casinos, table games make big money because a single dealer can deal to many players at once. A blackjack game can have up to seven play spots, and a Pit Boss watches several games, so thats close to 6 players per employee.

Even with a small edge of just 1-percent, the casino does fine because all seven players are getting about 65-hands per hour. If each player has an average bet of $25, the total action at the table is $11,375 per hour. The casino will win an average 1-percent of that, or $113.75 per table. If they have 50 tables, thats $5687 per hour. So how can you profit?

Profiting at the Blackjack Table

Casinos profit by having the most tables open when they have the most players in action. The more hands played, the more positive their odds of winning are.


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As a player, you need to do the same thing, but at a different time!

Obviously, the best thing you can do is learn to play blackjack, but if you are new to the game, the less you bet and the fewer hands you get per hour, the less your cost for entertainment will be. On the other hand, if you already know how to play basic strategy and are willing to slowly increase your wagers as you are winning and drop them low during a losing streak, youll be playing almost even with the house, so you can play anytime and enjoy your game.

If you want to employ some type of card counting system, then youll be happy to know that the more hours you play, the more likely you will be win. If you average a 1.5-percent edge over the house, your one-hour session has a probability of winning of 56-percent. If you play 10 hours, that jumps to 67-percent! When youve played 100 hours, your chances of winning are raised to 92-percent. Get in your hours and youll have great success. And, make sure you take advantage of your players club card to reap the comp bonuses. Also, make sure you use some smart cover-strategy to blend-in.

Turn the Tables with Smart Betting

Just as the casino makes more per hour with more players, a smart blackjack player (especially if they are counting) can make more money per hour by increasing they hands per hour. You can do this by turning the tables on the casino and playing when its not busy! While you might get 65 hands per hour at a packed table, you can get double that on a less-crowded table, or even 200 hands per hour heads up. You can also increase your probability of winning, since your number of hands goes up. With a 1.5-percent edge you can expect to have a probability of winning of 75-percent in just 10 hours if you are getting closer to 150 hands per hour.

Plus, when it is slower you can play two or three hands with the same element of risk. If that sounds strange, it really isnt. In fact, you can even increase your average bet and still have the same element of risk.

Suppose you have a bankroll of 400-units and bet $10 to $100 as the count (and your overall edge over the house) increases. By playing a second hand you can double your wager per round and each bet by another 15-percent without taking any more risk. Suppose you have a 2-percent edge and were going to play a single hand of $50. Instead, you play two hands ($100 in action) and actually bet $55 on one and $60 on the other, getting $115 in action.

Increasing your play to three spots allows you to bet 22-percent more per spot, so instead of three spots of $50 ($150 in action), you can wager $60 on two spots and $65 on the other and still have the same risk. Spreading out your action is good, so play more when you get the right game!