Gambling System Concepts

The number of gambling styles is countless – ranging from lucky punts on the lotto to serious skill gambling in Las Vegas. However, one of the web’s most popular forms of the art is ‘system gambling’ – often risky concepts that can be equally as profitable. Check out the ins and outs of gambling systems………

The concept of gambling systems

Some forms of casino and sports gambling are pure luck, while others contain elements of skill-play. However, systematic gambling is generally considered to tactically approach a gambling environment, without using any ‘real skill’. Simply put, gambling systems try to beat the odds! For example, systematic gambling is very popular in casino games such as roulette – such as the Martingale system below….

>Gamble with 1 credit on red/black
>Winning spins – quit the chain and restart the gambling strategy
>Losing spins – place a double bet and re-spin
>Set a max stop-loss gambling limit for each cycle of the system

Risk and reward with gambling systems

The risks of most gambling systems is the fact that they often use progressive staking plans such as the Martingale system above. Statistically, they’re very powerful, and the odds are stacked in your favour. However, in the same way that a 100-1 odds bet can win, you can hit bad luck and lose with gambling systems. In contrast – the quick wins and high strike rate can frequently be enough for lucky gamblers to make regular profits. Thus – the risk versus reward concept needs weighting up by individual gamblers.

Safety tips for gambling systems

Since gambling systems can both win and lose you money – there are always likely to be gamblers who love gambling with them, while other will advise against it. However, the fact that systematic gambling can be profitable makes it very appealing for casual gamblers – if only there were ways to lower the risk and try and scoop regular profits. Fortunately, there are an array of simple tips to ensure systematic gambling is never too risky – and potentially seriously profitable………….

> Budget wisely and gamble with a small sum of cash when using gambling systems
> Use a low unit size to minimise the effects of progressive gambling stakes
> Set a modest profit target from your starting bank – don’t get too greedy!
> Set a max loss limit for gambling cycles and sessions
> Budget and game for fun first – then whatever your gambling success, you’ll get value for money. Many gamblers make the mistake of looking for profits before fun.

Ultimately, gambling systems are a gamble – but they’re also a concept that can bring you success and entertainment when approached with the right fund management and mentality. Experiment with free bonus credits, free-play sessions and minimum wager levels to hone your gambling systems before playing for real.